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File Extension IMG is commonly associated with creating CD image files. There may be other software that can provide IMG extension. In creating CD image file, IMG works similar with ISO for Nero. This is use to create an image of a disk to be burnt to any portable media such as CD or DVD. An image is copied from a CD and stored to the hard drive with file extension IMG allowing it to be recognized as a CD or hard drive when mounted.

Creating backup of portable media devices require it to be stored using images of the disk. Software application may restrict what file extension they support for image files. IMG can easily be burnt through other software application and others may require additional work to let it work. This includes some versions of Nero Burning ROM that may require renaming of IMG to ISO to be burnt.

For CloneCD, an IMG file is accompanied by files with extensions .File extension CCD and .File extension SUB. These files are normal in one folder for CloneCD to be able to burn it. Files in the folder may look like Photo.img, Photo.ccd, and Photo.sub.

Applications such as SlySoft CloneCD, IsoBuster, EZB Systems UltraISO, and other disk authoring software can read files with this extension. Listed software can burn IMG file directly without doing any workaround. However, for Nero it may require a little workaround to read IMG files.

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